Dry White Wines (750 ml)
Chardonnay 2014    $27
A very feminine and fruity-style Chardonnay, with no over-powering oak taste. No acidity and no bitterness usually associated with Chardonnay. Refreshing and pleasant, with a nice taste of ripe Golden or Gala Apples.
Pinot Gris 2013   $27
In Italy this kind of wine is known as Pinot Grigio) and in France as Pinot Gris.  In California the climate is probably best for that grape with a distinctively pleasant taste, more delicate than Chardonnay, with balance and character.
Cab-Shiraz - 2012   $32
Heritage Merlot - 2012   $32
Zinfandel  - 2012   $32
Dry Traditional Red Wines (750 ml)
A tradition from Australia, this wine is full-bodied, simply delicious, and light on oak.  A unique and very pleasant flavor -- appreciated by all.
A fruit-forward wine in the Bordeaux tradition where our five generations of family heritage are proudly showing up.
By popular demand, the best of the Gold Rush grapes, with a much delicate fruit and yet the intensity of older vines.
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Dry Wines
Artwork by special permission of poster artist Jean-Pierre Got
A Winemaker Reserve From the Sonoma Coast One of our very best wines    Pinot Noir - 2013   $39