Our Sweet Wines & Ports (375 ml)
Extra Smooth Tawny Canterbury Port   $32
This Extra Smooth Tawny Port is made from Portuguese varietals: Touriga  Fina, Souzao & Tinta Cao, for more traditional taste. This Tawny Port remained 8 years in wooden casks before bottling.  Like all our ports, this Tawny is made with the best possible brandy.
Chocolate Canterbury Port   $32
Ruby Canterbury Port    $32
Here again, three Portuguese varietals.  This Port has hints of black cherry and rasberry with an additional taste we would like you to guess.  if your taste buds don’t tell you, we will!
Prelude to Symphony - 2015   $27
Sweet white wine, not overy sweet with a refreshing touch of Muscat.  Perfect for any occasion.  Produced from Symphony grapes.  This new varietal is lasting sweet without much residual sugar.
Orange Canterbury White Port   $32
Very few wineries are making a chocolate Port in Northern Californis.  This one is delicately flavored and made from Portuguese varietals: Touriga Fina, Souzao & Tinta Cao.
Delicate delicious, refreshing orange taste.  Made from Semillon and Portuguese varietals, and produced in a Spanish tradition.
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Artwork by special permission of poster artist Jean-Pierre Got