The Thrill of the Taste
How to do it!
When you lift your own glass and play the fascinating game of appreciating the wines you taste, forget all about the “rules” which have been stiffly expounded by wine snobs.  There are no rigid rules for deciding which wines match your personal taste, but there are a few helpful points to remember: First, look at the wine in your glass and decide whether or not you enjoy its color. Then slowly breathe in its bouquet and notice whether it is fresh, flowery and fruity, delicate and refreshing, simple or complex, or perhaps aromatic and spicy, give a sense of youth or age. Next, sip it.  Roll it gently around your tongue.  Notice its aftertaste in your mouth as you swallow it.  Decide whether you enjoy savoring it, whether it is elegant, fat, juicy or velvety as it caresses your taste buds. You don’t have to be an expert to know what you like.  The only way you can really learn about wine is by tasting it.  The pleasure starts at once and it will increase year after year, as your experience widens -- and our judgment sharpens.  For more discovery about wine appreciation, visit our tasting room in Murphys where the Becquet family members will make you feel like you’re a genuine part of their extended family.
Murphys, California
Wine Tasting  Hours: 11 AM - 5 PM 415 Main St., Murphys, California 95247 Email: (209) 728-8487