Domaine Becquet is a California winery with a French accent…

Its wines have less alcohol than many California wines and less “oak from the barrel” but they offer great fruit aromas and taste and an amazing complexity.

Domaine Becquet’s wines are aged in oak but in used barrels to avoid an overpowering oak taste.

The winemaker is often present at the tasting-room in Murphys to answer all questions re. wine and winemaking.

Jean-Jacques & Roswitha have a long experience of the wine business and two of their three children raised in the Napa Valley are now engaged in the wine industry worldwide, including wine export to China and Eastern Europe.

Jean-Jacques’ family has been active in the wine industry for five generations, mostly in the Bordeaux area.

The winery in Valley Springs is essentially used for production and not open to the public but the tasting-room in Murphys is hosting hundreds of visitors everyday.